Sustainability Month Events

Here are some online events and activities that everyone around the world can participate in and it will be continuously updated throughout the month. We are very excited to have many wonderful events to share and believe that there is a lot to be learnt from this month of activities.

This list is not exhaustive as there are also many local campaigns ongoing and you are welcome to follow our social media pages, or that of Sustainability Month participants and partners to find out and learn more.



Rubbish needs to be properly disposed of in order to avoid creating unnecessary waste. It is not sustainable to leave rubbish on the street. This often affects the image of the location, pollutes the environment (eg. being washed into drains, rivers, and lakes), causes hygiene issues, and affects wildlife.

An individual cannot solve this problem alone, but through participating in our #Clean4Climate Campaign during Sustainability Month, we can cultivate and encourage a habit of keeping our environment clean. This draws attention to the long-standing environmental issue on an international scale and highlights the need for behavioural change.

How to Participate?

See rubbish on your way somewhere? Take a picture of the rubbish or a video of you disposing of it. Post it online with the #hashtag and write a short one-sentence testimonial or reaction. It can be a story (where you found it and what you did with it), adjectives (to describe what you found), feelings (emotional response), etc.

Feel free to participate as often as you like, and perhaps even make a daily habit out of it. Perhaps pull your friends along, and let’s spread the campaign and practice around the world!


Using these testimonials, Climate Students Movement will be using blackout poetry to create a positive message and summary about the topic.

#ClimateTalks Student Challenge

Let’s inspire the world to take bold climate action and transform our future workplaces for the better. We are looking for an inspiring student to virtually join the International Universities Climate Alliance for a paid two-week internship as the global Climate Alliance student ambassador during the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP27) in November 2022.

Learn how to participate here! Applications closes on April 30th.


1st April
The Tide Talks

As part of the Sustainability month, NTU Greensparks is delighted to host a virtual documentary session for all to join. We will be viewing an approximately 25 minutes long Changing Ocean Asia Documentary, episode title: “Super Corals are Resisting Climate Change: Asia’s Changing Oceans”.

The event will start with a few highlights from the documentary, followed by roundtable discussions about insights gained from the documentary and actions that we can take. Take this opportunity to meet like-minded people, discuss climate issues, and get to know NTU GreenSparks!

The event is held from 8-9pm SGT and you can register here.

7th April
Accelerating a just energy transition in Asia:
Voices from civil society and business

CCIL RE Webinar – eBannerR

CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL) has been concerned about the impact of climate change in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. Through monitoring data and research findings, we promote the acceleration of climate actions in Hong Kong and across Asian cities, and lead by example to popularise the use of renewable energy. The latest Paris Watch 2021 report published by CCIL also pointed out that only by accelerating energy transition in Hong Kong and neighbouring East Asian cities can it be hoped to be in line with the rest of the world and to control the global temperature rise within 1.5 degrees Celsius.

In addition, CCIL also believes that the energy transition must adhere to the principle of justice, and safeguard the interests of the community members who are vulnerable to unemployment or price increases that may occur during the transition. The implementation of just transition while accelerating the energy transition has become a major challenge for many Asian countries and cities.

In view of this, CCIL organises this webinar, inviting experts from all over Asia to share the current status of renewable energy development in Asia, as well as the opportunities and challenges of implementing a just energy transition, so as to promote the acceleration of energy transition across Asia.

The event is held from 2-5pm HKT. Register now and get inspired on how to build a sustainable and just future! More information about the event can be found here.

11th April
Livestream: Lecture by Pär Holmgren – Red warning flag for humanity

A livestream of the lecture “Red warning flag for humanity” by Pär Holmgren, climate expert and current representative of the European Parliament. The lecture will take place at Karlstad University and will be streamed live via zoom. You are warmly invited to take part in the discussion after the lecture by writing questions and comments.

Pär Holmgren will present the scientific state of the climate crisis, the outcome of the COP26 Climate Summit and what is needed for the EU to live up to its commitments under the Paris Agreement. In other words the lecture revolves around the gap between the ongoing climate crisis and inadequate climate policy.

The event will be held on 11th April 2022 at 5pm-6.30pm CEST and we look forward to seeing you there! Join the Zoom meeting through this link. The facebook event can be found here.

13th April
Eco-Anxiety (with Expert Panu Pihkala)

Eco-anxiety is a growing and recognized concern in the sustainability field. The student association Complex of Tampere University in Finland will be inviting guest expert Panu Pihkala. Panu has written numerous publications and book sections on this matter. We hope to see you there!!

The event will be held from 1800 to 1900 Finland time (1500 – 1600 GMT or 1700 – 1800 CEST) and the Microsoft Team’s meeting link is here. (Consider joining a few minutes early to set up the Teams meeting in your browser, or application if you have it.)

16th April
Panel Discussion: Why Higher Education Institutions Need to Act Now?

Climate Students Movement is planning a panel discussion to discuss the role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in solving climate change. This is important as psychological evidence shows that we are more likely to listen to those who practise what they preach. Despite being the producers of climate science, the operations of most universities and colleges are not in line with what is required by science to save our planet. We need them to start taking actions in line with what their climate science is telling us, and become bold climate leaders to give climate science the credibility it needs to be followed in our societies.

Our panelists include

  • Marinel Ubaldo: an advocate from Philippines for climate justice and the environment, one of the founders of the Youth Leaders for Environmental Action Federation, Philippine Country Coordinator for UN COY16 Glasgow, Philippine Focal Point for Climate Science Olympiad
  • Dr Marcos Buckeridge: a Professor at the University of São Paulo, President of the Academy of Sciences of the State of São Paulo, member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and Scientific Director of the National Bioenergy Laboratory (CNPEM-Campinas)
  • Gabriel Klaasen: a young Intersectional Justice activist from Cape Town, South Africa, Communications Officer for Project 90 by 2030, Youth Coordinator of African Climate Alliance
  • Ankur Shah: a YouTuber in United States of America producing informative videos on environmental topics, geospatial data scientist for Climate Engine, Director of Operations at Mycelium projects
  • Emily Bankert: a Climate Justice Coordinator at Generation Climate Europe based in Lund, Sweden, Erasmus Mundus Masters in Environmental Science, Policy and Management student (with a specialisation in energy policy and sufficiency)

The event will be held at 3-4pm CEST and you can register for the event here!

22nd April
#ClimateTalks Student Global Forum

Designing cars built from recycled phones, restoring a kelp forest, or rethinking our financial systems, there are endless ways students will transform our future towards a more sustainable, ethical, and liveable global community.

Across the globe, climate change is impacting careers and not only in closely related industries, such as renewable energy and technologies. First nation communities’ traditional work practices are being disrupted, agriculture and food security is threatened, health and emergency workers battle with climate-related sicknesses, viruses, and extreme weather events. Working practices and conditions for many are insecure, underpaid, and unfulfilling.

International University Climate Alliance invite students, researchers, and educators from around the world to join us and share research and engage in live workshops designed to uncover what students want for their future careers and how we can make this happen. The program is designed to consider how climate literacy can be improved across diverse career paths and provide students international networking opportunities.

There are 3 programs across the day designed for people across different timezones. Find out more and register for the event here.

Let's save our future!

Our mission is to mobilise, organise and strengthen students’ initiatives and organisations to impact higher education institutions to reduce their green house gas emissions in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement.

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