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We have international network meetings that are open for all students in the world. The goal is to build a global student network strong enough to impact. You find the events for the meetings on our Facebook page. Warmly welcome to join!

October 2020

We had a great program for our network meeting the 17th October. It was the first meeting since we founded our international association.

  • The big gap between science and politics, and the consequences of business as usual by earth system professor Will Steffen.
  • Group discussions about how we can become stronger together.
  • Successful model of impacting higher education leaders on national and local level by representatives of Climate Students.
  • Capacity building workshops about communicating with and engaging students, with environment and climate organisations.
  • Introduction to the International Climate Students Movement’s membership, mentorship program and more opportunities.

See the recordings from the meeting

June 2020

Our third international network meeting with a collaborative discussion about the organisation for our movement. With participants from Green Deal 4 Youth, Push Sweden and Climate Students initiatives in Kenya, Singapore and UK.

May 2020

Our second international network meeting with presentations from climate professor Kevin Anderson, Monika Skadborg from European Students’ Unions and Brian Odeny from Africa Youth Initiatives on Climate Change Kenya.

April 2020

We had our first international network meeting for Climate Students Movement in April 2020. (Unfortunately, it was not recorded.) The meeting was a success with around thirty participants from ten countries all over the world. Tim Strasser from Students Organizing for Sustainability International, SOS and the Green Office Movement gave a presentation. We had a constructive discussion about the purpose of our movement and the possibility to become a member organisation in SOS.

Let's save our future!

Our mission is to mobilise, organise and strengthen students’ initiatives and organisations to impact higher education institutions to reduce their green house gas emissions in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement.

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