Mentorship program

Welcome to our international mentorship program! The purpose is to help potential members or members get assistance in the areas they need to set up and/or run national or local Climate Students group or organisation.

The program matches the needs of the mentee together with those possessed by our mentors who have been operating established national or international Climate Students groups and organisations.

The goal of the program is the creation of a mutually beneficial relationship, with the informed consent of the participants, to aid:

  • The creation of a new national and local Climate Students groups or organisations.
  • Development of organisational and leadership skills for efficient running of an established group or organisation.

Duration and responsibilities

The duration of the mentorship program will be that agreed upon and can be renewed for as many times as possible, and depending on the availability of mentors and participants. We suggest that you meet once a month during at least one term.

The mentors and mentee owns their process with its schedule and timeline and are responsible for:

  • Identifying the skills, knowledge and goals to be achieved.
  • Carry through with the activities or assignments after agreement with the mentor within the stipulated time period.


Fill in the form to participate as a mentor or mentee. By filling in this form you let us know that you are interested. When we have a match for you we let you know and you decide if and when you like to start.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us by sending an email to

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Our mission is to mobilise, organise and strengthen students’ initiatives and organisations to impact higher education institutions to reduce their green house gas emissions in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement.

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