Ideas for action digital campaign

With our digital campaign #IdeasForAction we create an international dialogue where we share our brilliant solutions for effective actions on universities.

We engage students to impact universities to start reducing their emissions in line with the climate science. Our message is that students call on universities to take climate action. Let’s take action now!

To help universities take action we collect and develop students’ ideas, of brilliant solutions on halving the emissions in three years, that we have a dialogue with universities about. The more ideas, the better solutions!

In the campaign the We Don’t Have Time app and web page are our tools to collect students ideas and having dialogue with universities. Climate Students has one account that works both for the app and our web page.

Our campaign is in three steps. Collect climate ideas, develop an action paper with solutions from the ideas and have a dialogue with universities.

The campaign started in Sweden March 2020 and there we have developed an action paper i May 2020.
Climate Students Sweden’s action paper for higher education institutions

Contact campaign leader Rosmarie Sundström for support to your local group, and to get campaign materials like posters to set up at universities and pictures and films for social media. Email:

Let's save our future!

Our mission is to mobilise, organise and strengthen students’ initiatives and organisations to impact higher education institutions to reduce their green house gas emissions in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement.

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