Campaign Coordinator

Are you passionated about solving the climate crisis?

We are looking for you to become a national
campaign coordinator in your country.

The campaign coordinator is a one year volunteer position that will launch, run and scale the campaign nationally. Throughout 2022, our international academy will provide you with training sessions and support from world leading climate trainers and scientists.

During the campaign pre-launch recruitment event on October 30, we open up the registration for the role of national campaign coordinator (NCC).
The second round of registrations closes on January 28.

Below are some of the qualities which we’re looking for in a NCC. Please be aware that these are mostly not requirements but preferences. The main requirement is the ability to commit for a full year until COP27.

Desirable Qualities

  • Passionate about solving climate issues
  • Strategic and innovative
  • Good speaker and listener
  • Good facilitator and communicator
  • Follows the values of Climate Students

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Form a team to build a national campaign
  • Launch the campaign nationally
  • Map and reach out to climate groups and organisations
  • Encourage students to start local groups within HEIs 
  • Promote the Framework to HEIs through local campaign groups
  • Plan national events to collect ideas from students
  • Create students’ national action plans
  • Help students push HEIs to implement the Framework
  • Influence relevant stakeholders

Preferred Experience

  • Experience with working on campaigns and advocacy issues 
  • Worked with student projects (ie. student groups, student unions)
  • Worked with scaling up projects
  • Experience in organising events (either online or offline)

The application is open from 1st December 2021 until 28th January 2022.

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Let's save our future!

Our mission is to mobilise, organise and strengthen students’ initiatives and organisations to impact higher education institutions to reduce their green house gas emissions in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement.

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